Applications Built On Our Platform

Over 350 applications have been built using The Echo Nest's music data APIs and developer toolkits. Here are some of our favorites.

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music

How is the ranking determined? The ranking is determined by the real time buzz across the Internet. We look at tweets and other social mentions, blog posts, news articles, streams, and purchases for over one million artists. Then every day we show you the top 100 artists that are trending upwards in these categories. What can I do on the MTV Music Meter? We provide access to over one million artists. The Top 100 is a great starting point - click on any "artist card" to get a quick snapshot of a particular artist. If you like the artist, share them, favorite them for quick access later on the same browser, or hit the "similar" button to get the same discovery experience for more artists you'll like. You can also search for any of over one million artists. This is great for getting a snapshot of a band you just heard of but want to know more about, or for finding similar artists to bands you already know you love.