Applications Built On Our Platform

Over 350 applications have been built using The Echo Nest's music data APIs and developer toolkits. Here are some of our favorites.


Ben Fields, Jono Cole, James Coglan, Joris Zaalberg

Our goal in this hack was to make a modern dynamic reinvention of Top Trumps for music artists. Each player gets a deck of artists based on their artist delivered to their mobile device (currently an iPhone front end, though the server api is such that a front end could be generated later for other devices or an html5 enabled mobile browser). During each players turn, the player selects what they believe is their strongest attribute and a winner is selected based on that stat for both artists value of that attribute. While the winner is being selected an automatically generated mashup of clips from each artist is played resolving toward the winning artist's song. Then the next cards in both decks are loaded and play continues, with the winner from the last round selecting the attribute to compare