Applications Built On Our Platform

Over 350 applications have been built using The Echo Nest's music data APIs and developer toolkits. Here are some of our favorites.

Paul's Music Wreckommender

Paul Lamere

Use this Wreckommender to find anti-recommendations. Give the wreckommender an artist that you like and it will give you a playlist of tracks from artists that are very different from the seed artist. Some obvious use cases: Your 14 year old daughter’s slumber party is getting too loud. Send the girls home by putting on the Hannah Montana Wreckommender – which yields a playlist with tracks by Glenn Gould, Dream Theater and Al Hirt. It’s time to break up with your girl friend. Give her the ‘You are the wind beneath my wings‘ wrecklist and your intentions will be clear. If you like ‘everything but country’ then Garth Williams will guide the way: Garth Williams Wreckommendations