Applications Built On Our Platform

Over 350 applications have been built using The Echo Nest's music data APIs and developer toolkits. Here are some of our favorites.


Jason Sundram, Steven Lloyd

For Music Hack Day San Francisco, Jason Sundram and Steven Lloyd teamed up to integrate a music visualizer into Songbird. This is the first music visualization for Songbird. Since we didn’t have access to the raw audio through Songbird, we used The Echo Nest’s analysis data, which gives high-level, musically meaningful information to display. SongbirdVis represents pitch, timbre, loudness, rhythmic, and structural information from the analysis data, and synchronizes it with the audio. In addition to showing information about the currently playing track, SongbirdVis is interactive. You can click on part of the visualization to hear the music at that point. You can also click and drag to select a part of the visualization to zoom in on.