Applications Built On Our Platform

Over 350 applications have been built using The Echo Nest's music data APIs and developer toolkits. Here are some of our favorites.


Greg Elliott

Don't just listen to your music - feel it. Unlike other music players, SynchStep connects the music in your head to the music in your body. SynchStep automatically matches your music to your pace. Whether you're out for a leisurely stroll or an intense run, SynchStep makes sure that every step you take lands in-time with the beat. When you first open SynchStep, just tap 'Setup' and SynchStep will automatically download tempos for your songs (also known as Beats per Minute or BPM). This typically takes just a few minutes. Next, tap 'Start', place your device in your pocket and start walking. Within seconds, SynchStep will detect your pace and kick off a matching playlist. For runners, throw your device in an armband, hit 'Start,' and go.