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What the Song!!!

Ben X Tan

I got the idea at 11pm on the bus home on Saturday night (day 1 of hack day). Got home and had to do work and stayed up til 5am coding while my subconscious worked on my music hack. Parallel brain computing FTW! I sent 4 songs to the Echo Nest Remix API (python) for analysis then chopped and reshuffled the beats to give you a short snippet of the song. The site will randomly choose a mashed up sample and play it back to you using the HTML5 audio tag. Your job should you choose to accept it is to guess the artist and name of the song to score points! One in four chance, step right up! Step right up! Disclaimer: Sorry only 4 songs for now didn't have much time so it's pretty easy to guess. Hope you like my song choices :) I'm planning on putting this online at some point with better design and more songs :)