Why work at The Echo Nest?

We are changing the world of music through serious technology.

We’ve been called “the most important music company on earth” and we make “Pandora look like a transistor radio”. Everyone at The Echo Nest is so passionate about the near term future of music we’re working to build that we simply wouldn’t work anywhere else. Thousands of independent developers use our stuff every day to build the next generation of music experiences. And we work with the biggest names in the business (MOG, Thumbplay, Rdio, Spotify, Universal Music, Warner, MTV, BBC, and so many more) who are as big believers in The Echo Nest as we are.

We make really cool stuff and we do it fast and with no overhead.

We’ve built the biggest database about music in the world -- 34 million songs, almost 2.4 million artists, with detailed information on each down to the pitch of every note in a guitar solo. And we’ve done it with off-the-shelf mostly open source technologies such as Solr, Tokyo Tyrant, RabbitMQ and Python combined with the brainpower of a few dissertations, algorithms and hard work over the past few years. No one is slowed down by process or politics. We follow the world of music carefully and release our latest innovations the second they’re ready. Everyone here is self-driven and learns what they need to in order to make awesome stuff. You can see some of our public work on Github.

We are excellent hosts.

Ever been to a Music Hack Day? 200 people just like you packed in a room for a weekend building the future of music. Not only have we co-organized and sponsored almost every single one and sent our employees regularly to places like Berlin, London and Barcelona, working in our office in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville, MA is pretty much like being at a hack day, every day.

We have contractual obligations to never move out to the suburbs, and most employees walk or bike to work. Free catered lunch on Fridays are always a hit and no one ever says that the espresso isn’t good enough. We've got more than our fair share of cocktail aficionados too. If we had a motto, it would be something like “be nice, work hard and get excited.”

The Echo Nest offers an excellent benefits and vacation package. Please mail us at jobs@echonest.com. If you fit a position, someone from EN will get back to you as soon as possible. We're sorry, but the volume of applications makes it impossible for us to reply to every application.

Engineering Positions

Engineering Positions


The Echo Nest is the world’s leading music intelligence platform serving music data to 100 million music consumers a month via an API that supports hundreds of queries a second to mobile devices, websites and applications. We are looking for an engineer to help our team build the best music intelligence products and grow our database of detailed data about 30 million songs and over 2 million artists.

The perfect candidate is passionate about music and data, is a solid and responsible developer, and can learn new things quickly. We use the latest technologies to support our stack: Tornado, Solr, RabbitMQ, Tokyo Tyrant, Python, Lua, svn and git, Amazon EC2, Hadoop. You’ll be handed a Macbook Pro and SSH keys and we’ll want you to be up and running in a day or two, committing production code. We’ll expect that you’ve used our API before you submit a resume.

  • Write code (Python, Java, etc) to process and support the world’s largest database about music.
  • Work on a small team focused on data mining, web crawling or databases and APIs.
  • Self-motivated task planning and deadline management.
  • Maintain and constantly improve the quality of The Echo Nest API data and web services.
Ideal Candidate
  • 1-5 years experience of development work
  • Linux administration experience - - shell scripting, cron, ssh, basic commandline interaction
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or related
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web application development
  • A strong familiarity with online music services and social networks
  • Self driven to a fault, learns on their own
  • Reads Hacker News but does not believe any of it without testing it first

Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Send resume and cover letter to jobs@echonest.com.