The Echo Nest and MOG Partner to Offer Deep Music Discovery in MOG All Access

Nov 3, 2009

SOMERVILLE, MA — BERKELEY, CA - November 3, 2009 - The Echo Nest announced today that its music intelligence platform will service MOG's All Access music offering, scheduled to launch by Thanksgiving 2009.

The Echo Nest powers smarter music applications with a one-of-a-kind machine learning platform that listens to and reads about music all over the web to enable better music search, recommendation and interactivity. According to David Hyman, CEO of MOG, "MOG All Access will use Echo Nest in combination with other tools to create a revolutionary listening experience that will forever change how you discover music."

Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest, said, "MOG is making use of The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform in some very creative ways. We're fired up to help MOG deliver such a great online music experience."

About The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest helps online music companies make connections between people and their music more meaningful through a one-of-a-kind machine learning platform that automatically:

Understands Music Content, automatically listening to every song on the web to extract musical attributes and understand every song the same way a musician would describe it (i.e., "swing groove, tempo of 100 BPM, 4/4 time, key of Bb, mezzo piano").

Understands Music Consumers, crawling the music web to understand what the entire online world is saying about every artist, album and song in real time.

Learns Music Trends, analyzing online music behavior to understand online buzz and predict new music trends.

The company is co-founded by two MIT Media Lab PhDs, Brian Whitman and Tristan Jehan. The Echo Nest's is a three-time National Science Foundation SBIR grant winner and is funded by Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Argos Management and experienced angel investors, including a co-founder of the MIT Media Lab. For more information, please visit

About MOG
MOG -- -- is the place to get the music content you crave. With thousands of contributions from music lovers and the top 800 music blogs that make up our network, MOG generates over 6,000 music blog posts per week, all hand-curated to deliver the web's best daily music newspaper. MOG makes it easy to dig deep and find up-to-date information on your favorite artist, album, or song by searching our archive of hundreds of thousands of blog posts. In November 2009, MOG will launch MOG All Access, an innovative new digital music service for North America. Sign up for MOG and get personalized music recommendations and blog posts designed and chosen just for you. Subscribe to your favorite artist on MOG and get instant updates. And if you've got something to say, come say it where 10 million music lovers per month will hear you.