The Echo Nest and TargetSpot Partner To Bring Smarter Advertising To Online Radio

TargetSpot to use The Echo Nest’s Music Audience Understanding solution to more precisely match ads to online radio listeners

Nov 21, 2013

SOMERVILLE, MA — November 21, 2013 - The Echo Nest, the industry’s leading music intelligence company, has partnered with TargetSpot, the largest digital audio advertising network, to better understand and segment online radio audiences for more targeted advertising and improved advertiser ROI. TargetSpot will leverage The Echo Nest’s new Music Audience Understanding solution, a breakthrough offering that enables highly targeted advertising by using music preference to predict high-value demographic and psychographic advertising segments without personally identifiable information.

With this partnership, The Echo Nest will apply its predictive analysis of music listening behavior across TargetSpot’s massive online radio station network, to create audience segments such as age, gender, lifestyles, brand affinities, and more. TargetSpot will apply these audience insights for more targeted campaigns to give its advertiser partners more in-depth, actionable insights around the connection between a brand’s target audience and music behavior.

“Music has always been one of the most powerful proxies for audience and identity,” said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. “Together with TargetSpot, The Echo Nest will be unlocking the potential that digital music has in helping publishers and brands better understand, target and reach the right audience with the right message.”

TargetSpot’s Internet Radio advertising network includes more than 85 radio groups and pureplay online music providers, with thousands of music, talk, news and sports channels. Using the TargetSpot network, advertisers can target Internet Radio listeners based upon a variety of factors, including geography down to the zip code level, time of day, personal listening preferences, sequential targeting, and retargeting.

"We’re excited to combine The Echo Nest's music intelligence with TargetSpot's ad targeting capabilities; it will enhance our user-level targeting capabilities and provide exceptionally accurate demographic information across our audience," said Leigh Newsome Co-CEO/CTO of TargetSpot. "Advertisers want these insights to understand the connection between their brands audience and music behavior."

About The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest is the industry’s leading music intelligence company, providing developers with the deepest understanding of music content and music listeners.

Leading music services (Clear Channel’s iHeartradio, MOG, Rdio, SiriusXM, Spotify), editorial, video and social media networks (, Foursquare, MTV, Twitter, VEVO, Yahoo!), connected device manufacturers (doubleTwist, Nokia) and big brands (Intel, Microsoft, Reebok) access the largest repository of music data and intelligence through our open API to build smarter music experiences that help fans to better discover, share and interact with the music they love. The Echo Nest’s customer base reaches over 100 million music fans every month and over 400 applications have been built on The Echo Nest platform.

Headquartered in Somerville, MA, The Echo Nest was co-founded by two MIT PhDs. Investors include Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Matrix Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and three co-founders of the MIT Media Lab.

About TargetSpot
TargetSpot is the largest Digital Audio advertising network. TargetSpot connects top national brands, regional, and local advertisers to highly engaged Internet and mobile audiences. Advertisers work with TargetSpot’s team or create rich media campaigns delivering high-impact audio, display and pre-roll video advertising across thousands of online properties. TargetSpot advertisers can target consumers by demographics, behavioral data, listening preferences, geography down to zip code level, and more; while benefitting from real time reporting and analytics. TargetSpot has more than 85 distribution partners, including CBS RADIO, ABC News Radio, Univision, and Entercom. TargetSpot is based in New York City. For more information, please visit