Applications Built On Our Platform

The Echo Nest powers over 400 digital music applications, including apps for the #1 and #2 music websites, the #1 mobile handset manufacturer, the #1 Android music player, the #1 radio broadcaster, and 3 of the top 10 iOS music apps. Check out some of our favorites below.

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music

How is the ranking determined? The ranking is determined by the real time buzz across the Internet. We look at ...


Dan Aminzade

Throwing a party? Putting together a rocking playlist with all the hottest songs can be a lot of work! Djtxt ...


Diego Carranza,Charles Holbrow, J. Foster Lockwood, Will Millar, and Stephan Panaro

EchoRun provides incentive for those who find their morning run lacking. Using a user-created playlist in the default [iOS] music ...


Dominikus Baur

Flowlist is an interactive playlist generator that bridges the gap between fully automatic recommenders and manual playlist building. The user ...

Infinite Gangnam Style

Paul Lamere

Listen to Gangnam Style...forever.

Tweets on Beats

Rob Spectre, Vincent Akkermans, Johannes Wagener, Roel Van der Ven, Alexander Ljung, Eric Wahlforss, Henrik Lenberg, David Noel

Tweet something, include #tweetbeats to your Tweet. @TweetsOnBeats will reply with a link to your beatified Tweet.


Brian Fife, Jim Fingal

The game takes a music file as an input and uses it to generate a field of bricks - when ...

A Longer Life for Post-Rock Fans

Paul Lamere

I like to listen to post-rock. Unfortunately, post-rock bands tend to have very long names like ‘Explosions in the Sky’, ...


Keith Hopkin, Mark Lewis, Jeff O'Connell, Chris Outram, Ricky Robinett, Brian Wrightson, Adam Ghory, Jimmy Lee, Elizabeth Pardieu, John Penner, Brandon Price, Carl Robinson

Have you ever heard a new song in a bar, seen an opening band that you really liked or heard ...

Disco Slideshow

Blake Jennelle, Brian Stoner

Disco Slideshow combines your friends' Facebook photos with funny Google images chosen by keyword. These images become part of an ...