Applications Built On Our Platform

The Echo Nest powers over 400 digital music applications, including apps for the #1 and #2 music websites, the #1 mobile handset manufacturer, the #1 Android music player, the #1 radio broadcaster, and 3 of the top 10 iOS music apps. Check out some of our favorites below.

Roasted Beats

Darrell Anderson

Roasted Beats is an Android music player, enhancing your music with a real-time visual experience. This release includes 20 visualizations, ...

BBC Music Showcase


A one-stop shop for all the BBC's short form music content, the BBC Music Showcase collects a wide assortment of ...


Azhar Bandeali

It'd be awesome to blot your song history in a creative way to commemorate any period in your life that ...

Music Forecast

Seb Jacobs

A simple web application which generates Spotify playlists using the weather forecast for a given city and your LastFm listening ...

Festival Explorer Austin Edition

The Festival Explorer Team

Festival Explorer Austin Edition, a mobile app sponsored by Rhapsody, provides tools to help SXSW festival attendees decide which artists ... Douchebar

Sam Wierama, Marcel Corso

Shuffler Douchebar is an extension that enhances the music web experience of Provides users with one-click-away artist bios, tour ...

The Team

Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise works wonders on the mind and body. Not only can it ...


Thomas Moore

Are you an avid fan of swing music? Are you getting tired of dancing to the same old swing songs? ...


Bogdan Vera, Kara Mukerjee

This Java application uses the Echonest API to combine a number of happy & upbeat Electrospective dance tracks into one ...

Music Hunter

We Are Hunted

Music Hunter is a new way to hunt for music on your iPad. A beautiful, intelligent tool to discover your ...