Applications Built On Our Platform

The Echo Nest powers over 400 digital music applications, including apps for the #1 and #2 music websites, the #1 mobile handset manufacturer, the #1 Android music player, the #1 radio broadcaster, and 3 of the top 10 iOS music apps. Check out some of our favorites below.

Paul vs. Billboard

Paul Lamere

This web app examines thousands of the most recent news and blog posts to get a sense of the online ...

The BPM Explorer

Paul Lamere

This is an application that helps you find out whether a human or a machine is setting the tempo for ...


Greg Elliott

Don't just listen to your music - feel it. Unlike other music players, SynchStep connects the music in your head ...

Emile Baizel

Discover live music near you. Tell us where you live and when you want to go out, and we'll make ...

Music Explorer FX

Sten Anderson

Music Explorer FX is a visual tool for discovering new music. Start with your favorite artist and take a musical ...


Glenn Thrope

Picking the right music for a party is never easy. You want to include something for everyone, but at the ...

Where's the Pow?

Paul Lamere, Ben Lacker

We used the Echo Nest remix API to create interesting remixes of 'Boom Boom Pow' by the Black-Eyed Peas

Are you Happy Now?

Benjamin Rose

Visualizations of valence and energy using the Echonest and D3 creating a measurement of a song's happiness. The “happiest” songs ...


Zeke Runyon and Colin Raffel

Automello is an automatic sampler that takes a pile of music, extracts individual notes & beats, and assigns them to ...


Richard Jones created Playdar, Paul Lamere wrote the Echo Nest content resolver for Playdar.

Playdar is a music content resolver service - run it on every computer you use, and you'll be able to ...