Applications Built On Our Platform

The Echo Nest powers over 400 digital music applications, including apps for the #1 and #2 music websites, the #1 mobile handset manufacturer, the #1 Android music player, the #1 radio broadcaster, and 3 of the top 10 iOS music apps. Check out some of our favorites below.

Tweet Concréte

Ryan Fitzgerald

Generate short sound collages based on tweets.


Matt Jeffery, Jameel Syed, Greg Mead

Useful for quickly making a mix CD. Ideal for parties or mp3 players where internet access might not be available ...


Vidhur Voora, Gaurav Mehta

HipTapes, a music marketing APP enables artists to create custom QR codes and push dynamic content to fans via posters, ...

You make me quantized Miss Lizzy!

Paul Lamere

Using remix, this set of python apps manipulates the tempo of the Beatle's classic



Volumeet is a new social platform that will allow you to meet new friends who like your artists themselves, but ...

Make Up Recs

J Herskowitz

Given an undocumented Pandora API, it looks up a Pandora users account name then using that info pulls the XML ...

Shade of Music

D. Baur, T. Langer, A. Butz

Many interesting pieces of music violate established structures or rules of their genre on purpose. These songs can be very ...


JT Bowler

I'm going to create a web application that provides example chord progressions to jam over for various musical genres. It ...

Map of Music Styles

Paul Lamere

This is a web app that lets you explore the world of music styles. The app displays thousands of music ...


Ben Fields, Mike Jewell

discoverOmatic allows you to discover new artists and tracks while listening to the radio or even your own collection. Simply ...