Applications Built On Our Platform

The Echo Nest powers over 400 digital music applications, including apps for the #1 and #2 music websites, the #1 mobile handset manufacturer, the #1 Android music player, the #1 radio broadcaster, and 3 of the top 10 iOS music apps. Check out some of our favorites below.

Slideshow Sync

Ned Resnikoff

synchronize a slideshow to a soundtrack, using EchoNest API to find beats. The number of slides is the same as ...


Becky Stewart, Gummi A, Jason

The Wallify Digital Poster is a low resolution display hacked together out of LED strips. The strips have 32 individually ...

Highlight to Listen

Marshall Jones

Highlight to Listen allows you to search for information and music for any artist by simply highlighting text on a ...

Stealing Feeling

Fredrik Mjelle and Peder fjällström

Based around a 16 step javascript sequencer which a user can program to run a drumkit generated in web audio, ... team

Facebook + Echo Nest + YouTube = Browse through Artists you like on Facebook, See their Videos (via EchoNest) and ...


Syd Lawrence

A club night recommendation service with crowd sourcing dj playlist recording.

Setlist Energy

Joseph Wilk

Some performers leave audiences energized, while others make you wish you’d left early. As with an album, song order is ...

UpBeat Workouts

Sally Edwards

Hands-free and easy motivational new way to run or walk to your music. Automatically matches your pace to the beats ...

The Music Maze

Paul Lamere

The Music Maze is a web app that lets you explore the world of music from your web brower.

The Super Awesome Music Blog Finder Thingy

Extension Entertainment Inc.

Getting tired of the same ol' music blogs you've been visiting now for ages? Just enter your username and ...