Power of our Platform

The Echo Nest powers the future of music. We help music companies develop and commercialize the most advanced, personalized and engaging music applications in the world. The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform powers over 400 applications, re-defining how fans discover, share and interact with music. Our customers include leading music services (Clear Channel’s iHeartradio, Rdio, SiriusXM, Spotify), editorial, video and social media networks (BBC.com, Foursquare, MTV, Twitter, VEVO), connected device manufacturers (doubleTwist, Nokia), and big brands (Intel, Microsoft, Reebok).

Music Discovery & Personalization

The Echo Nest’s Music Discovery and Personalization solution is a suite of capabilities delivered through a flexible API for building advanced, personalized music discovery experiences. With The Echo Nest powering music discovery and personalization, music services can improve acquisition and engagement, innovate faster at a lower cost, and deliver best-in-class music discovery on a global scale. No other company powers more music discovery applications than The Echo Nest.  Learn More

Dynamic Music Data

The Echo Nest’s Dynamic Music Data solution helps the world’s top music destinations deliver dynamic, socially-connected music experiences to better engage music fans, produce more high-value content, and reduce development and supports costs. With Dynamic Music Data from The Echo Nest, music sites can display more up-to-date artist bios, images, news articles and videos, and also show what’s actually happening with each artist in the moment.  Learn More

Audio Fingerprinting

The Echo Nest offers both free, open-source content identification / fingerprinting technology and enterprise-level commercial fingerprinting solutions for a wide range of applications including scan & match for locker services, metadata cleanup, basic song identification and others.

Interactive Music & Remix Applications

The Echo Nest's Interactive Music and Remix solution lets music developers remix, re-edit, and re-imagine any piece of music and video, automatically. Using The Echo Nest’s audio analysis data and audio manipulation technology, developers have created a wide range of interactive music applications, including remixing, DJ apps and interactive music visualizers.