Music Audience Understanding

Music is so personal; it defines and communicates who we are. Advertisers have been listening, creating a $16 billion dollar ad market just through terrestrial radio. As streaming goes mainstream, music consumption has shifted from a one-way broadcast to a two-way conversation, creating an enormous monetization opportunity for digital music services.

As the leader in music intelligence, The Echo Nest is helping our customers unlock new monetization opportunities in digital music. Our Music Audience Understanding solution enables our customers, and their advertisers, to create audience segments purely from music listening behavior. These segments include:

  • 710 musical genre segments and dozens of music “vibe” segments
  • Over 20 ad-targeting segments including age, gender and lifestyle
  • Custom segments carved from trillions of music audience data points

Segment Music Fans of Every Kind

Connecting brands to target consumers based on the music they stream is a major revenue opportunity for ad-supported music services. With our Music Audience Understanding solution, we can create dynamic segments of music fans based on their Taste Profiles -- the digital representation of their music preferences. Our music segments include 710 dynamic genre segments and dozens of music “vibe” segments (people who like “mainstream” music, prefer new music, listen to artists just before they trend, and more).

Get Ad Targeting Segments - Without PII

The Echo Nest has pioneered predictive modeling to understand audience attributes while respecting user privacy. We don’t follow users around the web and go through their digital trash. Instead, we leverage music affinity correlations across tens of millions of listeners to deliver accurate audience predictions (with supporting data) and enable accurate, flexible targeting without personally identifiable information. Our ad-targeting segments include age, gender and dozens of lifestyle categories.

Create Custom Segments

In addition to music and ad-targeting segments, The Echo Nest can create custom segments for music services, ad networks, and advertisers, by identifying the musical characteristics of high-value audiences. Custom segments include custom lifestyle/affinity segments (“fashion-forward hip-hop trendsetters”) or even direct brand affinity. By knowing which attributes correlate to value, we can dynamically generate custom segments to power monetization strategies, conversion campaigns, and other initiatives.