Dynamic Music Data

Music fans expect more than static artist biographies, outdated images, and canned data. If that’s all you have, you’re pushing visitors elsewhere for the latest information about their favorite artists. That's why top music sites and providers like MTV, Yahoo! Music, The BBC and Nuance rely on The Echo Nest to deliver real-time, socially-connected music content experiences.

With The Echo Nest’s Dynamic Music Data, you can easily display accurate, up-to-date music information, enriched by our intelligent music understanding, to keep your fans onboard and coming back for more.

The Music World In One Real-Time Feed

The Echo Nest's Dynamic Music Data solution is the most comprehensive, constantly updated, socially connected feed of music information. Every day we aggregate a real-time feed of the best images, bios, blog posts, news, social conversations, and more -- across millions of artists and 30 million+ songs. Our intelligent stream of music data helps our customers show their millions of fans what’s actually happening in the music world, right now, while eliminating costly dependencies on stale metadata sources.

Intelligent Music Understanding

We don’t just display music data; we understand it too. Our big data approach enables developers to build music sites and apps that natively understand music - songs, artists, genres, albums and more. Our “hotttnesss” rating, for example, knows how much buzz each artist is generating online and on social networks. “Familiarity” indicates how likely users are to know an artist. We also compute more than 800 music genres dynamically, eliminating the need to hardcode them or maintain rigid hierarchies. This music data intelligence helps our customers build smart, differentiated, contextual music experiences that change with music itself.

Verified, Curated Sources

The more effectively you connect music fans to the best, most reliable sources of music information, the more often they’ll return to your site, service or app. With The Echo Nest’s Dynamic Music Data, you can implement verified links to artist pages on the most popular music sites, social networks, and music apps: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Wikipedia, and more. Get back the time you spend hardcoding links to artists online, and know they’re always current and verified.

These innovative companies rely on The Echo Nest to power dynamic music experiences: