Music Discovery and Personalization

As streaming music goes mainstream, fans have unprecedented music access, making discovery more important than ever. The world’s leading digital music services, including Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio, Microsoft's XBOX Music, Rdio, SiriusXM, Vevo, NTT Plala, and more rely on The Echo Nest’s Music Discovery and Personalization solution to connect more fans to the music they love.

We help our customers acquire more loyal music fans by delivering unique, predictive music discovery experiences. We handle it all, from basic DMCA-compliant playlisting, to personalized playlisting and radio, to hybrid solutions that combine best-in-class automated playlisting with expert curation.

The Playlist - Perfectly Personal

Playlisting is the engine of discovery. The Echo Nest invented data-driven playlisting to power predictive playlists that get smarter over time and combine the best of machine learning and human curation. The Echo Nest offers a range of playlisting offerings to power DMCA-compliant streaming radio, personalized playlisting with end-user tuning, and predictive playlisting that adjusts acoustically to each fan’s taste and context. We also put our playlisting technology in the hands of expert curators to help them program listening experiences at unprecedented scale.

Powered By Taste Profiles

If Playlisting is the discovery engine, Taste Profiles are the fuel. The digital understanding of each individual’s personal music taste, our Taste Profile technology captures live playback behavior (artist plays, song plays, seeds, skips, bans, favorites, and more) and uses it to personalize playlists, radio, and the rest of the discovery experience. Taste Profiles make playlists more personal, recommendations more relevant, and discovery more social. It’s like having a personal DJ for every fan.

Recommendations and Social Discovery

With Taste Profiles for every user on your service, you can enhance the complete discovery experience in new ways. For example, you can build social discovery features to connect fans who share common music taste, giving them a fun new way to discover music through each other. Meanwhile, personalized recommendations in your app and marketing campaigns will keep fans coming back and spending more time with your service.

These innovative companies rely on The Echo Nest to power personalized music discovery: